CR Digital

Through a proven strategic partnership ATI Canada is CR DIGITAL’s sole Canadian distributor for their entire innovative industry leading technologies catalog.

CR Digital solutions focus on improving efficiencies and interactions of surface mining equipment. CR Digital empowers both equipment operators and mine management with real-time data and analytic trends to increase production capacity and lower cost per ton.

CR Digital, in collaboration with Austech, provides customers with an immediate return on investment and a committed partnership delivering long term efficiencies for pit to port operations.

THUNDERBIRD 1110 Drill Optimization
Thunderbird Drilling includes robust hardware and high-tech software solutions for drilling operations globally.
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TITAN 3330 Load Haul Optimization
The leading real-time hydraulic shovel payload monitoring system.
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GET TRAKKA - GET Tooth Loss Detection System
Ground Engaging Tool tooth loss detection system.
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THUNDERBIRD DEI+ Drill Efficiency Indicator
Thunderbird DEI+ is the original drill efficiency indicator technology.
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ORION Data Analysis
Orion Data Analysis is the data analysis platform from CR, delivering productivity insights to operational teams.
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DTM 3650 Digital Terrain Mapping
Used to scan the surrounding mine terrain and produce an accurate map of the landscape, in real-time.
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